John Shaw, P.E., is a forensic consultant providing consulting and expert witness services for attorneys in cases related to the water, wastewater and sewer utility industry. He also provides consulting services to engineering firms, municipal or private utilities, private industry, insurance companies and regulatory bodies. His significant experience, a unique combination of operations, engineering, and management includes, but is not limited to, operations and maintenance, design, construction, regulatory, planning, administration, management and governance.

Mr. Shaw has over 25 years of expertise in sanitary engineering including water (potable) and wastewater (industrial and domestic) treatment, conveyance, hydraulics (gravity and force), storage, reuse (biosolids and treated effluent), master planning, operations, maintenance, expert witness and forensics (mode of failure, standard of care and failure analysis).

His project experience in wastewater includes wastewater treatment plants, effluent re-use and/or disposal facilities, sewage lift station design, sewer collection systems and sludge treatment, de-watering and disposal/reuse handling facilities.

Water projects include treatment plants, transmission pipelines, pump stations, pressure regulating stations, AWWA storage reservoirs and swimming pools.

In addition to numerous other certifications and membership, Mr. Shaw is a Professional Engineer in Nevada, Idaho (inactive), New Mexico (inactive), California, Vermont, Oregon, Wisconsin, Ohio, Guam (inactive), Washington, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Florida, Texas, Montana, Massachusetts, Indiana, Missouri, Utah, Maine, Tennessee, and Washington, DC.

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